The Folly of Fate

Folly of Fate

Trouble at the New Place

To begin with a short summary, the party started in Falcrest with the usual low level stuff, until they ran into a wraith whose attempts to summon an abyssal horror resulted in the group being pulled into another dimension at about level 5. There they prevented the creature from being released and possibly destroying that world and the ensuing vortex hurled them back into their own dimension but 100 years earlier, about the time the Nerathi Empire, the last great human empire fell. Since arriving the group has changed rosters but three core members remain, Azuir the Deva Druid, Kuri the Shardmind Wizard/Cleric and Jorek the Goliath Monk. The new player characters they have met in the past are Jim the Human Ranger, Feylin the Drow Rogue, Drex the Dragonborn Fighter and Gwenn the Human Swordmage. The group is far from the Nerathi capital in the sprawling harbor city of Koatas and while angering certain parties (City gaurds, criminal family) they have done quite well for themselves having set up a shipping and trading company and confiscating an airship from a crew or goblin pirates that just happened to be loaded with merchandise of significant value and Wayward Winds Shipping & Trading Co was started after striking a deal with another Airship crew. The company has done well and the group celebrated their success by purchasing a castle not far from Grand Square,

the center of the city.



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